Product of the Day: Chanel Le Gel Coat

If there's one thing that I struggle with in beauty, it's nails. Somehow, I manage to chip even the most perfect manicures, and, I'm a pro at getting the imprint of a bed sheet on wet nail polish. My friends always comment on my chipped nails and I feel envious of girls who glide through weeks with glossy digits. 

But Chanel's Le Gel coat for me is a blessing. When it was sent to me about a year back, I thought well there's nothing that any product can do to make my polish last. The lady at Chanel told me to wear this gel top coat from the base of my fingernails all the way to the top leaving no part uncovered.

So I applied my favourite nail polish, incidentally also Chanel's Le Vernis in Vendetta (a deep, dark purple) and layered this on top. The first thing I noticed that it was a bit thick. But despite that it was also quick-drying. I waited for my polish to chip, and then waited a bit more. But surprise! It lasted for a full seven days as promised. These days, I swipe this on even after I get a manicure in the salon. So, if you are prone to chipping as I am, this really is a must have in your cabinet.