All About Laser Hair Removal

I took the plunge a few years back. Bit the bullet. After years of being tortured by hot wax, and feeling prickly after shaving, I decided to try laser hair removal. If you got your sessions done in the the early 2000s you may remember it being an excruciatingly painful experience, where hair was burnt one zap at a time. But those days are far gone. Multiple hair are destroyed every second, and instead of pain you feel a warmth. Except for your nether regions of course- there you feel uncomfortable heat. 

I got my sessions done at Kaya Skin Clinic in 2013 and opted for the pain-free laser, which is at their Khan Market branch in Delhi . At that time I paid a lakh, fifteen for full body (six sessions) but recently the prices have dropped - it really depends on your bargaining skills. A friend’s mother bargained the price down to 80,000 for 10 sessions of full body laser, making me feel a bit like a fool. Anyway, the point is, if you want a good price you need to bargain for it, because it definitely won’t be handed out on a platter.

If you are tired of feeling that sense of dread before the first strip of wax is yanked off, this is worth every penny. After your sessions are through you may have a hair or two, which is really really fine, but no more. Your skin is smooth and poreless and you will never think twice before wearing a short skirt. The number of sessions depends on many things. If you’re healthy and have no hormonal issues (like PCOS etc) then you may need six-to eight sessions. If you have hormonal issues then anywhere between 12-15 and upwards. You may also need more sessions on your bikini line, than say, your legs. 

The tiring part about a full body laser is how time consuming it is. They shave you, then moisturise you and then apply this cold gel before they start with the treatment. In winter it's especially excruciating because they need to switch on the air conditioner so the machine doesn't get too hot. Unlike waxing (where you never moisturise) you need to be well moisturised and even oiled when you come for laser. This prevents redness and reaction on your skin. I would shave at home, leaving just a patch of hair for them to see how much growth I had. It just saved time. You need one session every three months to begin with and then a session every six months. 

I got the Soprano laser, which worked very well for me but it is best to consult a dermatologist to find what will work for you. This is especially relevant if you're dark skinned. Because lasers find the hair that contrasts with the skin, fair-complexioned brunettes are ideal for this treatment. Dark skin and hair, blondes with fair skin are both tricky for laser treatments because there’s lesser contrast between the colour of hair and skin. Of course, there’s a LOT of new technology in the market, but if you're one of the above, bring up this concern with your dermatologist.  

Laser has been the best money I’ve ever spent on beauty. I’ve forgotten pain, ingrowths, shaving, and salon visits. I also find that my skin is in better shape than ever before - all because of this treatment.