Your Guide to Beautiful Feet


Real beauty lies in the details. It’s about the sparkle in the eyes, sun-kissed strands of hair, a crooked smile, or clean, well-groomed feet. In my house feet have always taken precedence over the face. My mother always said that one should take care of the feet even more because they firstly they need it (obviously), and secondly they are the sign of true sophistication. She taught me how to do a pedicure at home and how to take care of them on a daily basis so they always look beautiful. As far as feet are concerned it’s more about maintenance than a monthly pedicures. Personally I hate sitting in the salon and having my nails done. I find it excruciatingly boring and pointless because really, if you take care of your feet daily, there’s little that an in-salon pedicure can do. So, here’s my list of daily care, which is basic yet effective:

  • Always use a foot file
    I have been using one since I was a teenager. It keeps your heels free of dry skin and the front of your feet smooth. Use the rough part of the file on your heels and rub the smooth side in gentle circles in the front of your foot. Use it every, single day.  My Favourite is the Scholl Hard Skin Foot File
  • Don’t forget foot cream
    I have to say that I get lazy on many occasions. But I see my grandmother who still has the most beautiful, wrinkle-free feet in her 90s. All she does is massages any thick cream into her feet for a good 15-20 minutes. No pedicure, no salon. 
  • Keep your nails short
    There’s nothing worse than long, pointy toenails, yet there are many of us who keep them long. At the most keep them till the tip of your toes, but no longer. Feet should look neat and well-tended. Its not necessary to even paint your nails as long as they look clean. Long toenails make the feet look unkempt and untidy. The shape is up to you - whether you want to keep them round or square, they should just be well-kept and short. 
  • The brightening soak
    In a tub of warm-hot water squeeze one lemon, a fistful of baking soda, and another fistful of milk powder. The lemon brightens the skin and nails, the baking soda lifts dead skin cells and milk powder adds softness. Soak feet (without nail polish on toes) in this tub for 15 minutes, then use a foot file on the heels and front of the feet as mentioned above. Clip nails, clean the sides with the tip of a nail filer and finally slap on some moisturiser. Apply nail polish the next day.