Dewy skin with with Bobbi Brown Cushion Compact Foundation


For someone who does not cover every inch of her face with base, I sure do have too many foundations. Actually I keep multiples of everything be it foundation or powder or face masks. I’m often asked why do I need so many products. The answer is that I don’t. But if I don’t use all these products then how will you get these reviews. Let’s just say that I take one for the team (not that I’m beauty obsessed or anything :)).

So, when I got the new Bobbi Brown Cushion Compact Foundation, I didn’t really feel like there was room for another. But the finish of this one is quite different from the stuff I usually turn to. For me it’s either a sheer BB cream or a semi matte foundation. But this Bobbi Brown Cushion base is super glowy. But despite being so glowy it feels quite light and watery on application. Also, unlike other glowy foundation, this doesn’t make your pores look larger. 

The foundation itself has light to medium coverage. So you would need a concealer to cover up pigmentation or breakouts. However if you have reasonably good skin, then this foundation is great because it even out the skin tone beautifully, without looking unnatural or caked. Actually that’s the USP of this cushion foundation. I found that you can wear it all over your face (and even under your eyes), and still look like you’re wearing no base at all. 

I wouldn’t recommend this product for someone in their 20s because (unless you have very dry skin). But for someone over 35 (and especially post menopause), this is great because it adds real glow and makes your skin look like skin. Because its so light and airy, it can be touched up during the day without looking heavy. And it has an SPF 35. What more could a girl want? Check out this video where I use this foundation.