Serrapeptase: The supplement that eats dead cells


In my quest to find relief from endometriosis, I've come across many supplements and then some. But recently I found one that is approved even by my doctor. Serrapeptase is an enzyme produced by silkworms. It’s main quality is that it has the ability to digest only the non-living tissues in the body. This means that it will clear up all the debris in and around your organs. It will reduce old scar tissue from surgeries, clear up arteries, reduce swelling and redness, and may also reduce the size of fibroids. Some people say that it also reduces acne scars, but, I haven’t seen any evidence. However, what I have have noticed is that after my last surgery, it has drastically reduced swelling around the site of stitches. It also helps people who suffer from sports injuries, fibromyalgia, multiple sclerosis - basically conditions where there is chronic pain. 

For women who suffer from endometriosis, serrapeptase is literally the number one supplement, especially if you’ve had a few surgeries. This supplement will help reduce adhesions and scar tissue that sometimes increase pain post-surgery. The best way to have this supplement is on an empty stomach or with a very light meal. I have it after I’ve had a cup of tea in the morning. It's just been a couple of months that I’ve been using this supplement, so I will know the long term effects in a year or so. I ordered my supplement from here, and its completely vegan.