This compact is making my skin look naturally flawless

Come rain and I have to switch over from anything that's labelled 'dewy', 'radiant', or 'illuminating'. These labels usually mean that the product will make my skin look glowy, which in reality translates to oily and sticky in the humid weather. I love a good compact and honestly I don't understand why most of us don't wear powder. When I go out I usually use a beautiful powder with a tinted balm and my face looks fresh. I guess our reservations come from the fact that most powders in the market make us look oily, chalky and made up. 

Also, (and I feel this is a HUGE problem in India) most of the salespeople at the stores give you a shade which is just a bit light for your complexion. And I'm not even talking budget brands, I've faced this at La Prairie and Chanel stores. The products are great but the store staff (and sometimes even senior managers) will select a shade that is too light for you. When you wear a foundation or powder that's too light it makes you open pores look more open and your dark circles darker. In fact, even when I went to buy this amazing compact at the Chanel store, I was given a shade lighter. Of course I refused to listen and picked up a colour that matched my skin exactly. I tested it on my forehead to see if it was an exact match, and not my hand. Remember even slightly lighter colour can make your skin look imperfect. So try it yourself and don't depend on the store staff. 

Anyway now on to the review. I've always loved Chanel's powders. They give just the right amount of coverage, fill out pores and make your skin look perfect as if you have nothing on. I had actually gone to pick up the Chanel Vitalumiere Loose Powder Foundation, but unfortunately that has been discontinued in India. So I picked up the Vitalumiere Compact, feeling a bit sad that this compact came with a sponge instead of a brush that comes with Chanel's Les Beiges powders. In my experience compact powder applied with a sponge just comes out looking too matte and cakey. But I was in for a surprise. 

I applied this powder in a rush forgetting to use my kabuki brush. But as I applied it I found that it looked perfect. It covered minor imperfections, filled out pores, reduced oiliness, looking absolutely natural all the while. Of course you do need to touch up in a few hours but even after touch up the powder does not look chalky or cakey. And it never settles into fine lines. It is super, super finely-milled, which means that the product is invisible to the naked eye. It offers mild-to-medium coverage so it won't cover up a huge spot. But for everyday (when you want to look naturally radiant - not oily), this compact is absolutely perfect. In fact, I have been wearing this day and night.