Omega 3: Choose the right fish oil capsule

When it comes to supplements, most of us have an almost Quixotic naivety about brands. We think just because it says fish oil on the label it must be potent (in 80% of cases, it’s not). Or all probiotics are equally good (they’re not). Or I can safely take vitamin E everyday (you can’t). 

In the last few years more and more people are turning to fish oil to get great skin, reduce inflammatory diseases, calm anxiety, and improve cardiovascular health, among many other benefits. But it’s not the fish oil in itself that’s making such difference to your health. The two active ingredients in fish oil (EPA and DHA) are the ones responsible for everything. In fact, these two powerhouses are so essential that babies siphon EPA and DHA from their mothers to make their eyes, brain and heart. So, when a new mother is getting the postpartum blues, a good supplement to add would be a highly-potent fish oil capsule. There are chances that she will be deficient in it if she didn't take it during pregnancy.  

And herein lies the rub: As far as EPA and DHA are concerned, not all supplements are created equal. In fact, your average fish oil capsule only contains a Spartan 300mg of EPA + DHA. To get transformational effects from your omega 3 you need at least 1,500 - 2,000mg of EPA + DHA everyday. So you would then need to pop about 7 fish oil capsule (of 300 mg EPA +DHA) daily to get the required results. Read this report, and this report from Mayo Clinic if you don't believe me. 


So, when you buy your fish oil capsule it’s always a good idea to flip the bottle around and have a look at the ingredients. And then buy the one with the highest concentration. This one from Hum Nutrition (yes they deliver to India) contains 1,200mg of EPA +DHA. So I pop two everyday. What’s more, this brand in particular, sources small fish sustainably to make this oil. And it’s non-GMO, artificial colour and preservative free. 

Even if you can’t get this brand, have a closer look at your fish oil supplement. Because not all of them are created equal.