Reduce hair fall and prevent greys with maha bhringraj hair oil

My friend Meetu gave me this book of old Indian remedies called Almond Eyes Lotus Feet. In the book an old maharani talks about the natural skin and hair recipes they would use back in the day in Indian palaces. So its all almond and saffron ubtans for the skin, lentils and clays for cleansing, and of course a whole chapter on haircare. In earlier days they would use stuff like coconut water to wash their hair. In fact, haircare was a long drawn process with various oils and pastes to make it long and beautiful. And then there was the process of drying the hair on a basket with fragrant coal underneath to scent the strands. I love stuff like this. The moment I read the book I pounced on my bottle of maha bhringraj oil and gave myself a nice hair massage. I left the oil on overnight and washed my hair the next day.

In the last few months I’ve really made a ritual out of using maha bhringraj oil. I almost always oil my hair before I shampoo it. I try to leave it on overnight at the most, or half an hour at the least.  And the results have been phenomenal. 

  1. My hair is waaaayyyyy thicker now. The density has increased to such an extent that its impossible to use a hair grip to pile my hair on top of my head. So now I use one of those sturdy, claw-like clips - what are they called…clutchers?
  2. I don’t remember the last time I used conditioner. I think perhaps when I was going out for an event last month.
  3. I used to wash my hair pretty much every single day. Now it’s like two or three times a week. Oiling with maha bhringraj oil has improved the quality of my scalp.
  4. I have received SO many compliments on my hair, from close friends, who see me regularly.
  5. In my mind, oiling has prevented my hair from going grey. I don’t use hair colour. At the age of 38 I think that’s a big deal.

    A lot of hair stylists scream hoarse about hair oil damaging the hair. But I don’t listen to them. I believe in ancient, age-old wisdom more than any commercially available product. Chemical hair colour, in my experience does make you grey faster. The hair colour lobbies won’t admit it, but I think so. Ask any women who has been colouring her hair since her 20s. Not that you should stop colouring because I said so - just be aware that it could make you grey faster. It’s another reason why you should oil your hair even more.

    I love these two hair oils (pictured above). Both of them are based on maha bhringaraj, an ayurvedic herb that prevents greying and hair fall. While you can buy the Kama Ayurveda hair oil here, you need to go to Suparna Trikha’s salon in Delhi (phone: 011 24355804) to buy her maha bhringraj oil - believe me the trip is worth it.

    Anyway, the point I’m trying to make is - oil your hair regularly. It will improve the texture, strength, density, and colour of your strands. And that too without side effects. It’s like the gift that keeps on giving. 

    Image of Almond Eyes Lotus Feet: