These skin pigments are the new rage in beauty

First there was foundation. Then there was tinted moisturiser. After that followed BB (beauty balm), CC (colour correcting), and for a brief moment even DD (daily defense) creams. But all of them seems a bit useless now that customisable pigments are in the market. These pigments are basically concentrated foundations, that you can mix into your moisturiser or sunscreen, and apply all over your face. So basically you're creating your own BB, CC or DD cream depending on what you choose to mix these pigments with. However, its not as easy as it sounds.

Firstly, it’s better choose a shade darker than your natural skin tone. This is because when you try to mix an exact skin match into your sunscreen (which is already a bit white), you end up look unnaturally lighter. Choosing a pigment which is a shade darker corrects this problem. Even if you’re mixing the pigment with moisturiser you’ll find that an exact shade looks lighter than your natural skin tone. Ladies, its never a good idea to go lighter with your foundation because that makes you look harsh and unnatural. 

Secondly, it is said on the package that you need one drop for sheer, two for natural and three for full coverage. However, you need to experiment with with the amount of drops. I find that two - three drops (mixed in four pea-sized drops of sunscreen) gives me a sheer, CC cream effect. So if you want full coverage you may need to add more. It just depends on the proportion of moisturiser/sunscreen and these pigment drops. 

Now for theproducts:

CLINIQUE BIY: This is a really good product. The packaging is such that you can actually pull out precise drops. My tester who is hooked on to foundation said:
“I’m used to wearing heavy foundation. But these pigments drops added freshness and radiance to my face. Of course I was confused about how to use them, but once you get the knack they’re great!”

COVER FX CUSTOM COVER DROPS: Everything works about this product except for the packaging. I tried it on myself and found that my skin looked naturally good. But, the dropper is a bit glitchy - sometimes it delivers drops and sometimes you just have to scoop the product using it as a stick. However, don’t forget my tip about using a shade darker - it is the best way to ensure that you skin looks natural and not ghostly.