Madhu’s Kitchen Witchery: Peace

How can you stay centred in a world that’s chaotic to say the least? Peace today is not just an option but a necessity…and it all starts at home. When you’re peaceful, you will never disturb someone else happiness. Madhu, the Wiccan high priestess and white witch is back. And this time she’s tells us how to use plants to remove negativity and enhance peace.  

  • Place rubber plants outside the house, as they block negativity. 
  • Peace lilies kept inside the house increase positivity and also provide good quality oxygen.
  • Grow and use aloe vera - in bathing water, as a face pack, for a head massage to increase calmness, and blend it in your smoothies.
  • Add holy basil (tulsi) in food to boost immunity thereby keeping illness at bay. Also tulsi is said to be a protection plant so it also reduces negativity.
  • Use turmeric in all forms - powder, root, grow the plant at home. It heals the mind and psyche, making you more balanced. 
  • Sprinkle rose water and rose petals in sweets to boost love, balance and harmony in the family.
  • Keep a stems of lemongrass in the house. The fragrance gives you good sleep. You can also make tea with lemongrass and use it in food to make your mind more balanced. It also has vitamin C to boost immunity. 

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