Smells like heaven: Forest Essentials Bengal Tuberose

I have theory that if you put Bengal in front of anything, it immediately becomes exotic - Bengal Lancers fruit punch. Bengal rice pudding, Bengal gram nuggets…you get the drift right? But Forest Essentials Bengal Tuberose isn’t exotic just because it has the B word in it. This had been my favourite fragrance for over five years and I’m just a bit disappointed that they don’t have a body spray in this scent yet. While Madurai Jasmine and Nargis are the popular fragrances from the Forest Essentials bouquet, I love this one the most. I also use the Bengal Tuberose Essential Oil and Room Freshener to fragrance my home. Whenever, I’ve used this scent for a party, at least one person has called me the next day to ask what did essential oil was I burning.

The tuberose in this is very soapy, not at all sweet or typically white flower like. It’s soapy, powdery and refreshing, which also makes the Bengal Tuberose soap ideal for summer. I like this because it can smell fresh for the day and luxurious at night. Now tell me how many fragrances can do that? I just remembered about this yesterday when Forest Essentials sent me the Bath & Shower Oil. So even though the oil (which has almond, sunflower, avocado and apricot oils as the first four ingredients) was sent by them, the three Essential Oils and the almost-finished Room Freshener in the photo (above) was all bought by me.