5 habits of girls who have glowing skin

Of all the queries I get, radiance tops the list. Of course these days there are many ways look like you’re glowing. Primers, powders, highlighters and bronzers are all designed to make you look ‘lit from within’. That said, there’s no makeup on earth that can mimic a natural glow. And most often radiant skin is more a result of lifestyle choices than a single product. I’ve made this list keeping in mind all the beautiful, radiant women I’ve met and the habits that make them glow. 

  • They drink (LOTS) of water
    This water business is almost a joke now. Every time someone texts me about wrinkles or dullness or reactive skin I ask: ‘But how much water do you drink?’ And the answers is always ‘not enough’. When I worked in an office I would remind the girls that it was time to drink water. And they all were happy to get a reminder. Perhaps setting an hourly reminder on your phone to drink water may help. Because if you don’t drink enough l’eau then you’re just wasting money on creams and serums. Three litres is great but four litres is amazing. Drink a litre as soon as you wake up. Then aim to finish another litre before lunch and one more after lunch.
  • They sweat
    Your skin removes the toxins from your body via sweat. And when you work up this sweat you also get blood circulation, which is how the nutrients reach your skin. I like to practice yoga in this heat without the fan or air conditioner switched on. If you can’t tolerate the heat then switch on the fan but please for heaven’s sake don’t switch on the air conditioner. A lot of people tell me that they love walking but stop during summer because it too hot. I say take advantage of the weather! Look at it as a sauna for you skin. Once you're done with your walk and you have a bath, trust me, your skin will be glowing.
  • They are more relaxed
    There was a model who I worked with about a decade or so back. I mean she really had the most glowing skin - she washed her face with hand wash and still her skin looked amazing. And she was the most relaxed person that I ever met. No fuss, no stress, no tantrums, just very calm and grounded. I see this in my yoga teachers also. I think the trick lies in not holding grudges. When you hold on to an issue with someone you’re always thinking about it. And that produces negativity, which does affect your skin. Of course there are many women with shiny Botox foreheads, but the ones who are naturally radiant are always for forgiving. I think the peace in their mind always reflects on their faces.
  • They don’t eat toxic food
    Packaged foods, cakes, pizzas, fried stuff - they won’t even consider it. I know a lot of you will think that life is not worth living without good food and I completely agree. But define good food. In my book it’s fresh, home-cooked food, fruits and vegetables, dal with desi ghee, home-baked banana bread, basically its mostly stuff that you’ve cooked yourself. Eating junk or unhealthy food is like an addiction to toxins, just like we can be addicted to cigarettes. Once you stop eating unhealthy you’ll find that you won’t even feel the craving.
  • They’ve found the one product or ingredient that works
    It could be retinol, fruit acids, vitamin C, peptides - these girls have found the ingredient that works for them. It could also be a product - my yoga teacher Seema Sondhi who is SUPER-glowy even in her 50s swears by Clinique’s Turnaround Cream. I find that a mild glycolic acid product a few times in a week and vitamin C serum in the day is good for me. Then there are other girls who swear by home remedies and coconut oil. I can only recommend products and treatments. But at the end of the day it is up to you to find out what works for your skin. 

Lead image: Shutterstock