My Simple Supplement List

I have always had an on/off relationship with supplements. Sometimes I’ll take them religiously for years and at other times I will just go off them completely. And this is the right way to take them. In fact, its better to rotate some of your supplements so there’s no toxicity in the body with one vitamin or natural ingredient. I can't really say whether my skin and health is better while I take supplements because I’m also regular with yoga and mostly eat healthy. But perhaps its I will get to know the effects when I’m much older…like my granny who is in her 90s. She got chikungunya last year and has been quite unwell, staying at home, which is very unusual for her. Usually she is the life of all parties and can never be found at home. Last week her doctor put her on some very potent multivitamins and this week…well lets just say she’s up and about, difficult to get hold of again :). Here's a very basic list of my essentials:

  • Vitamin C: I’m most regular with my C intake. Usually its 1,000 mg of vitamin C pills or a big tablet that I drop into a glass of water to make a fizzy drink. I take this along with breakfast. I also always have this at hand and pop one as soon as I feel a cold coming on.
  • Himalaya Septilin: Again, I keep it hand and I pop one the moment I feel the very first signs of a cold. It does hold off the cold, but only when I take it right when it begins.
  • Calcium: I have to take it because of the birth control pills that I’m on. 
  • Vitamin D: Once a month, again for the same reason. I wrote a story once for HT Mint about bone strength and doctors told me that Indians are genetically deficient in vitamin D. Also my dermatologist Dr Vandana Chatrath told me that this vitamin is also essential for the health of your skin. 
  • Vitamin E: When I remember to take this I usually do with vitamin C so its a potent antioxidant combination.
  • Fish Oil/ Flax Seed Oil: Did you know that you must look at the EPA and DHA content of fish oil capsules because they really are the active ingredients. I always go for a brand where the EPA and DHA together comes down to about 700mg. I pop one pill everyday and when I’m finished with a bottle switch to flax seed oil capsules. I take these supplements to control inflammation in the body.
  • Green Powders: Love a good, organic green powder. These days I’m taking a spoonful of Hum Nutrition’s Raw Beauty Green Superfood Powder in a glass of water sometime between breakfast and lunch.