Hum Nutrition

I completely believe that beauty begins on the inside. If you’re not eating well or drinking enough water, no amount of serum or makeup is going to give you that natural glow. So when I stumbled across Hum Nutrition (a California-based nutrition brand), I immediately signed up for a monthly membership. Hum was borne out of one of he founder’s personal struggles with poor skin. After trying a million products and treatments, he fixed his skin with the help of a nutritionist. Today, he wants others to have the same opportunity with his bouquet of supplements, which includes capsules for healthy hair and nails, probiotics, energy boosters, and bone strengtheners.

In the entire line I love the Raw Beauty Green Superfood Powder most because it really is bursting with health. I mix it in my coconut water to drink, which despite flavours such as berry and mint chocolate chip, does not taste delicious. But that’s a good thing because if it was too tasty I would’ve had my doubts. The powder is packed with a million goodies. It contains a superfood blend with stuff like spirulina and wheatgrass; adaptogenic blend with liquorice, ashwagandha, ginseng etc; fibre blend with flax and pectin; fruit and veg blend with organic, dehydrated produce; antioxidant beauty blend that includes matcha, goji and moringa; plus digestive enzymes and five billion probiotic bacteria all in one powder - phew! I like to carry it with me when I travel because it is so easy to use and really supplements all my superfoods on the go. I also like their supplements like Red Carpet and Daily Cleanse to keep my skin looking bright and clear.

While you can get the brand in Sephora US, I’d rather order products from the Hum website directly. Just sign up for the membership and you will get a discount. The total order comes to around $60 for three products. And they deliver to India! Till now I haven’t paid any duty for these products, but if it does come up in the future I will be happy to because they are so good and nutritious.


V LoveNeo Khamawellness