Madhu's Kitchen Witchery: Charm

I once wrote a whole feature on charm for Bazaar. I spoke to many people to explore what made a person charming - was it wit, humour, beauty? Of course it was bits of these but when we really took deep dive into the subject we discovered that true charm is the ability to make someone else feel good about themselves. However, despite the best intentions, wit, humour, and beauty we sometimes we find that friendships drift away and lovers lose interest. So how do we ensure that our relationships stay strong? White witch (and wiccan high priestess) Madhu Kotiya Sheziam is back with her witchery on boosting your charm. 

  • If you want to increase love within your family and friends make rice pudding on Friday after sunset. While making it  add some rosewater (as per taste) and jasmine essence into it. The rosewater must be charged with sunlight -  put in a transparent glass bottle, place it on a wooden slab, cover it wood and keep it for 12 hours under the sun. This pudding will work to boost the charm of the person cooking it. You can feed it everyone including a family member who doesn't get along with you, a pet who doesn't like you, or even your cleaning lady who don’t do your work with love. Feed it to your family on Friday and people outside your family on Saturday. 
  • Swallow a pinch of organic turmeric powder with water first thing in the morning with normal or cold (not warm) water. It will keep your skin shining and boost your immunity. If you can find turmeric root then that is even better.
  • Use lots of jasmine perfumes and oils mixed with tuberose to find and attract the right partner.
  • If you feel that you always attract the wrong person then add sandalwood to the mix.

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