Product of The Day: Amala Hydrating Eye Treatment

I started using eye creams quite recently. I really felt that they were quite useless until a couple of years back but when I saw a few lines appear around my eyes, I went into panic mode. I now pat one on every morning and evening. 

Amala is an all natural, additive and paraben free brand, with more than 70% of its ingredients being organic. This night cream is wonderful if you suffer from tired, puffy eyes, which I do. I realised the other day that after staring my blog and freelance work I write about a 1,000 words everyday. This means that I’m constantly in front of the computer furiously typing away. Add to that the pitta in prakriti, which makes me prone to watery, burning eyes. When I use this Hydrating Eye Cream regularly it moisturises my under eye area intensely and reduces fine lines and puffiness. Now, if you have serious under eye problems like crepey skin and deep, dark circles then you may not find this as effective for the night. But for me this cream works beautifully because it really does what the label says, which is hydrate. And in the day it provides a great base for makeup to glide on. One of the ingredients in this cream stimulates the release of fluids trapped in the eye thereby making them look less puffy. The first four ingredients are water, jojoba oil, sweet almond oil and glycerin, followed by sunflower, avocado and macadamia oils - a winning combination in my opinion.

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