Sonal's Fresh Mulberry Sorbet

Its that time of the year. Spring is turning into summer and the streets are tinged purple with mulberries falling down from the trees. So, when I saw this picture of this sorbet on Sonal’s feed on Instagram (@toutress, who you have to follow if you love food), I immediately pinged her for this simple, healthy and delicious recipe:

Pulse 2-3 cups of clean mulberries, add a dollop go honey, the juice of one small lime, a bit of shredded ginger, dash of vanilla essence and a splash of rosé wine. (Sonal says that she would have used a floral liquor or limoncello instead if she had any.) Also add a sprinkle of salt and a bit of coconut milk to make it a bit less tangy. Freeze it in a tray and then mash it every hour or so. Top with a mint leaf and dig in when you’re ready to eat. 

Images: @varunranaofficial @toutress