Madhu's Kitchen Witchery

“Every woman is a witch,” says Dr Madhu Kotiya, Ph.D in clinical hypnotherapy, wiccan high priestess and white witch. Anyone who knows Madhu vouches for the accuracy of her readings, and the efficiency of her candles and sprays that can help you fall into the deepest sleep, or attract love and abundance. Yes it’s magic, but (like anything in life) you have to believe in it to work. 

“People have this distorted idea of witches, but a witch is basically any women who’s thoughts are so strong that they get manifested,” she says. And the most common form of witchery happens in the kitchen. “Think about the time you fell ill and your mother whipped up a tincture that made you feel better.” She explains that this this tincture worked not just because of the ingredients but also the intention. And really, in that sense, everything is magic. Here’s a list of ingredients and the purpose they serve - take it with apinch of salt if you will.

Cinnamon…to increase love

Cardamon…for sensuality

Turmeric and asfoetida…for better health 

Garlic and onions…to neutralise negative energies

Roasted fenugreek seeds…for confidence

“While you are using these ingredients visualise the results because it is the intention that matters most,” she says. For instance she suggests lemonade with sugar and salt to help calm down an angry person. “Sugar adds sweetness, lemon cuts negativity, and salt helps with grounding - but when you’re making the lemonade you have to visualise that the person has calmed down.” Similarly to improve relationships she suggests white sweets on Friday, which is supposed to be the day of love. “Again, imagine the relationship improving while you’re cooking it, and give the first serving to the person with whom you want a better relationship. 

While kitchen witchery can be used to harness positive emotions in others, you can also use it for yourself. Add a dash of cinnamon in an apple pie you bake for yourself to increase you ability to love, or eat some fenugreek seeds everyday to increase your confidence. Just make and eat it with the right intention. “All women are powerful, magical and intuitive - we know when we’re being attacked by someone or being cheated on by our partners.” She explains that women become less powerful when we don’t trust our own intuition and ability to create magic. “Even a man who wants to get enlightened has to get in touch with his feminine side, by being more sensitive and emotional.”

Lastly, if you have a cook ensure that she is happy and positive. “Emotions create vibrations, which go into your food, therefore an angry or frustrated cook will release negative vibrations into your food.” Remember that old adage: When you cook with love the food just tastes better.

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