The Ordinary

By now you must know that I’m obsessed with luxurious skincare. So for me to dedicate a whole post to a skincare range that costs between £4 to £12 is unusual to say the least. I wouldn’t have discovered it myself - I’m just lucky to be surrounded by a bunch of knowledgeable, beauty-obsessed women who ensure that I try products that I wouldn't on my own. 

The Ordinary was introduced to me by my yoga teacher Anuska, who adores good skincare and has also crafted a range of limited-edition body products called Neven (available at some Gitanjali salons). Anyhow, coming back to these products. The Ordinary is a cosmeceutical range part of Deciem, which is also responsible for other cult brands such as NIOD, Fountain, and Hair is Fabric. Deciem call themselves The Abnormal Beauty Company because they cut back on unnecessary scent, froufrou ingredients, and high costs. They believe that good skincare can be available within a budget and must pack only the highest quality ingredients. 

On Anuska’s insistence I broke my retinol fast. I stopped using retinol last year after my skin became super sensitive, red and flaky. I tried The Ordinary Advanced Retinoid, which (I realised only later) contained a whopping 2% retinol - yikes! My skin would get sensitive and peel with even a .5% version, but here I was slathering this lovely serum that spreads beautifully, doesn’t dry the skin or cause any redness or breakouts. I even used it under my eyes. And all this for £8!

The second serum I tried is the Hyaluronic Acid 2% + B5, which contains three different types of Hyaluronic acid, plus a crosspolymer, which helps increase hydration. This serum is ideal for girls with oily skin who are looking for hydration without oiliness as it absorbs quickly into the skin without a trace of stickiness. I used the retinol at night and the HA serum in the morning - just a lovely effective, no-frills, no-cost combination, which unlike other budget beauty products, really does work. The range also has a serum with a whopping 23% vitamin C and a peptide serum called Buffet, which is their most expensive product at £12.70.  

Check out the entire range and order products from this link:

Note: Always, always use sunscreen in the day when you use retinol at night.