My 10 Second Overnight Ritual

Last year when I wrote about my skin routine I got a lot of flak for it being too complicated, with too many steps etc etc. I want to take this opportunity to admit that yes, it was too complicated, and it definitely did have too many steps. However I still feel that beauty requires consistency, even if it means applying moisturiser every night or working out everyday. That said, I have have simplified my skin routine and now there are nights when I regularly go to bed without anything on my face. And you know what? My skin is so much better for it. 

I have also discovered the laziest skin ritual that gives me amazing skin without taking any time whatsoever. I just mist my face with a nourishing face spray and then, when it’s still damp, I just massage in two drops of face oil. Its very effective because it gives your complexion two things it really needs - oil and moisture. And on days when you really don't want to bother with your creams and serums, this is the way to go. You can also mix a 10-12 drops of face oil into a bottle of rose water, then give it a good shake before spritzing it on your face. My yoga teacher Anuska does this and she always has the most radiant skin.

I like Purearth’s Wild Rose Himalayan Mist, Illumin Face Elixir Oil, Sisley’s Floral Spray Mist and pure jojoba or sesame seed oil. But actually any face spray and oil will do. It’s not the products per se (although superior cosmetics always deliver superior results) but the combination of oil and water that gives you spectacular skin. 

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