Instant Skin Brighteners


I’ve been so swamped with work lately that the only thing keeping me sane is my skincare ritual. Sounds vain, I know, and it is. But there’s something to be said about lovingly patting on an essence, mixing a mask, or even swiping on an acid toner. It makes me feel like like, at least in some aspects, life is good. The last month has been especially tough on my skin. The pollution makes me feel like each and every pore is clogged. I need something to gently decongest my face without stripping away it’s moisture barrier. But while only a dermatologist can permanently resolve your skin woes (more on that later), these skin goodies will instantly (and perhaps temporarily) make your face look brighter. 

  1. Dr Jart Micro Milk Peel
    It’s primarily a lactic acid, lotion-like peel that you need to apply on your face with a pad that has cotton wool on one side and gauze on the other. The you wash it off after a minute. Because this peel felt like a moisturising essence, I decided to leave it on for the night. I’d read on that some people left it on overnight and their skin was okay. My skin looked amazing the next morning and so I did it again after a day. Unfortunately my skin reacted and I had these prickly rashes on my neck. I checked with Dr Kiran Lohia (now you know why you need a dermatologist?) and she put me on a course of creams that calmed my skin in no time. I gave this peel a try again in a week or so but this time I left it on for only a few minutes. Immediately after washing my skin looked clearer and more radiant. I now use it every alternate day for a few minutes, and each time my skin looks amazing. 
  2. H is For Love Propolis Regenerative Face Mask
    I like to mix this wonderful powder mask with The Forrest Essentials Rose Water and a bit of organic honey. I wanted something hydrating but not oily - my pores already felt clogged so I didn’t want a sticky oil on my skin. This was absolutely perfect. I left it on for an hour or so, till the honey and rosewater dried on my skin in droplets. The mask itself contains french green clay, camu camu for a blast of vitamin C; white turmeric, raw cacao, vanilla bean as antioxidants, orange peel, and frankincense essential oil. I like to just pat it with a bit of water first and then just very, very gently rub it over my skin for 20 seconds, before rinsing with warm water. This gives the best effects - soft, powdery, pillowy, clear skin.  
  3. Glamglow Flash Mud
    This mask is my favourite out of the range because it really does make the skin look brighter and also a bit creamier. The trick is to not scrub your face raw with it. Just apply it with a VERY light hand in circular motions over your face and neck - not more than 15 seconds. Then I let it sit for about half an hour, then gently rub my skin again, as I wash it off with warm water. This lifts my complexion immediately and makes it super glowy. If your skin can stand it, try using it every night for a week or so to blur uneven patches on the skin. I read some reviews where people combine this and the Micro Milk Peel for major brightening, but I haven’t had the nerve to try it as yet. And neither should you.

    IMPORTANT: You must use a sunscreen with brightening products to protect against pigmentation.