Trésor's luxurious gym bag essentials

Trésor Prijs. Follow  @tresorprijs  on Instagram. 

Trésor Prijs. Follow @tresorprijs on Instagram. 

Hello, it’s Trésor again! As you may (or may not) remember from my Top 10 Beauty Products piece, I have a bit of an issue when it comes to hoarding beauty products. While this proclivity to effectively coat, douse or marinate myself in all manner of beauteous goop has been both lifelong and meticulously well documented my journey into fitness has been a rather recent addition. Over the past year, I’ve developed an incredible affection for fitness as means to not only grow stronger but apparently as insight into the degree I can coalesce these two passions. The result? A curation of marvellous nincompoopery that’s now become an effective, albeit slightly ridiculous collection that’s taken up residence inside of my gym bag.

Eucalyptus Deodorant.jpg

Eucalyptus Deodorant from (MALIN+GOETZ)
Deodorant is arguably the most vital product one can have inside their gym bag and while there is a host of which I enjoy this is by far my favourite. (MALIN+GOETZ)’s Eucalyptus Deodorant first made its way into my life on a trip to New York to visit some of my very best friends. The scent reminds me of that trip and makes my heart glow a little bit brighter every time I wear it. Yes, deodorant can have sentimental value - especially if you’re a veritable casserole of emotion like myself. As for the performance of the product itself - it’s rather standard for an aluminium-free formula. It fights odour, but won’t protect against moisture in the same way you would experience with a typical antiperspirant. The fragrance is a splendid emerald aura of herbal incandescence that remains intimately close to the body, not disturbing the atmosphere of those around you.

Gentle Skin Cleansing Cloths.jpg

Gentle Skin Cleansing Cloths from Cetaphil
There is something to be said for a cleansing wipe that doesn’t suck because let’s be honest…most cleansing wipes are heinous beyond reason. They either have some unfortunate smell, leave behind some extraneous residue or do absolutely nothing good for nobody. These ones, though, they’re 100. Cetaphil is a brand that’s been in my good graces since just about the beginning of time and their foray into face-wipery has not disappointed. The cloths gentle, fragrance-free and get the job done in a snap. They’re ideal to use after a workout (or before in preparation for some foolishness we’ll talk about in a minute).

Geranium Pour Monsieur.jpg

“Geranium Pour Monsieur” from Frederic Malle
Dominique Ropion’s Geranium Pour Monsieur for Frederic Malle is sincerely one of my favourite fragrances, but it’s my absolute and unquestionable gold standard for wear during a workout. Geranium Pour Monsieur is what I would describe as a transcendently atmospheric scent, smelling not of a singular thing but a place captured in time. The majority of Geranium Pour Monsieur’s life on my skin is spent as a mint that could be described as almost crystalline in its nature, registering as the most refreshing olfactory chill as a juxtaposition to one’s rising body temperature. One spray is often enough, considering the tenacity of the glowing white musk in the base along with its propensity to amplify as one begins to sweat. The stuff even gets me though sessions of cardio and let me tell you, I *loathe* cardio with every last atom of my existence. Every. Last. Atom.

In Transit Muscle Therapy.jpg

In Transit Muscle Therapy from This Works
Repeatedly lifting heavy things and putting them back down again can cause one to find themselves a bit knackered. While there is a glimmer of masochistic joy in that particular sensory notion of accomplishment, I mostly just want to be rid of it as soon as possible. That’s where this little gem comes in. Meant to be massaged into areas of distress with a generously sized rollerball this formula helps to soothe with both the strategic pressure of application and a tension relieving blend of essential oils. While the standard drugstore options certainly work their magic as well I genuinely do favour the elegance and uplifting tactile delight in using this product.

Mint Tisane Hand Cream.jpg

Hand Cream in “Mint Tisane” from LAFCO New York
Another side effect of repeatedly lifting heavy things and putting them back down again is calloused hands. While those callouses are certainly a badge of honour, personally I can be rather precious about having smooth and well-hydrated extremities. I tend to be rather picky when it comes to hand creams, especially ones I use during the day. Too rich? They are relegated to the bedside table. Too lightweight? I’ll end up using them as body lotion or some other nonsense. This one? Just right - the Goldilocks of hand creams. Hydrating and reparative but not so much so that I leave a trail of shiny hand gloop in my wake. The formula comes in a plethora of scents but I quite like the Mint Tisane since its fragrance is so pleasantly congruous with all of the other products I stash in my gym bag. 

Diamond Extreme Mask.jpg

Diamond Extreme Mask from Natura Bissé
This is the part where you’re going to roll your eyes and close out of your browser. Yes, I wear a diamond infused face mask to the gym - but hear me out! Both the act of going to the gym and taking care of my skin are rituals of self-care for me. They allow me to experience a physical manifestation of the work I devote to keeping myself healthy and happy - also, diamonds. The mask is loaded with a potent brew of all-star ingredients like skin strengthening niacinamide, uber hydrating hyaluronic acid and even some of the most modern peptides money can buy. The texture is lightweight, yet still substantial enough to leave my skin in a cocoon of nourishment. As my body temperature rises the formula further melds with the skin and leaves my complexion positively resplendent by the time I am finished my workout.