The two-step skin brightening ritual for brides


I wish I knew all that I know now, when I was getting married. It was way back in 2003 (I was a little baby) and I think I got just one facial two months before the wedding. The only thing I used in the name of skincare was Olay Total Effects, which was pretty good in retrospect. These days however weddings are a whole industry  - lasers, facials, makeup, skincare. I really do feel that if you eat right, drink at least three - four litres of water, and use the right skincare your work is done. 

This combination by Dr Dennis Gross (Ferulic and Retinol Brightening Solution, and the Extra Strength Daily Peel Pads) is great because it contains three potent ingredients - retinol, vitamin C, and a chemical peel. While there is no exact percentage given on the label (my only peeve with Dr Dennis Gross), I have been using these products for a month and a half. Here’s what they do:

  • Shrink and prevent breakouts
  • Reduce pores
  • Exfoliate
  • Clear dark patches
  • Add radiance

I prefer the Extra Strength Peel Pads over the original Daily Peel Pads because they’re stronger but not harsh at all. I'm actually quite surprised that they are so gentle, especially for a product containing alcohol. The set comes in two container marked Step 1 and Step 2. Step 1 contains salicylic acid with unclogs your pores, and Step 2 contains glycolic acid (plus some other acids) to help refine and smoothen the texture. Use them every alternate night or thrice a week at least before using the serum.

Now onto the serum. Dr Gross has combined two of the most amazing anti-agers into one effective serum. Retinol works to clarify skin and reduce wrinkles, while the ferulic acid (vitamin C) works to make the complexion look more luminous. Use it twice a day as directed, and make sure that you slather yourself with sunscreen. Even if you’re retinol sensitive (which I am), this serum is extremely gentle and will not cause peeling or breakouts. 

Start using this combination now, and don’t forget to thank me later. 

You can buy both products from here and here. (I ordered them from here, you may have to pay some duty). Or get someone to get it for you from Sephora, U.S.