Monsoon skincare that really works

The rains are screwing with my skin and I’m quite sure that I’m not the only one. Till just about a couple of months back, when it was hot, dry and arid in Delhi, my skin was still behaving itself. I could wear a couple of serums and my complexion was calm and compliant. But come monsoon and my face has become rebellious, reacting to anything I apply. So mostly I’ve stopped applying a lot of products. Instead of layering, I’ve started rotating my skincare. Forget about double serums, its back to double cleansing now. The idea is to make keep my skincare light and still effective. Here’s what works for me in monsoon:

Pixi Glow Tonic: Lovely toner with 5% glycolic acid. Does what it promises, as in makes your face glow. But this tiny amount of glycolic acid will not clear your blackheads - for that you need something stronger. I like this toner because its like a toner and serum in one. I used this alone every morning and evening and my skin was in great condition. It contains aloe and witch hazel, which are calming and toning. 

Dr Dennis Gross Ferulic and Retinol Brightening Solution: This is the only retinol product that didn’t make my skin sensitive. And it contains ferulic acid (basically vitamin C), which is my favourite skincare ingredient of all time. The combination quite powerful - it helps reduce wrinkles, pigmentation and make the pores appear tighter. I had a stubborn zit along my jawline when I started using it (morning and night, 10 minutes after my toner) and this product dried the zit very nicely. I looked at the other ingredients and it also contains salicylic acid, which heals acne, plus vitamin E for more antioxidant protection. My skin has been very schizophrenic souse this 4-5 times a week till the weather gets a bit better. But, it has made my skin look clearer. And it's not oily at all. 

5% benzoyl peroxide: When I feel a breakout coming on the is what I turn to. On nights I use this I forgo any other serum. I just tone my face with Pixi Glow and apply this on spots. Don’t apply it all over - just where you need it, to dry spots quickly. 

Double cleanse: Especially in the evenings. In the mornings I just use Dr Sheth’s Basic Brightening Cleanser, which is ph balanced and free of soap, parabens, sulphates, and has not been tested on animals. It does foam and makes your face feel squeaky clean, but doesn't dry it out at all. I love it. In the evening I first use a cleaning oil or balm like the Kiehl's Midnight Recovery Cleansing Oil or Clinique Take The Day Off Cleansing Balm. Then I use Dr Sheth’s Cleanser. I just feel like I need it now because my skin feels very oily and sticky. 

Lips and eyes: No matter how dry the rest of your face may be, you have to nourish your eyes and lips. These days I’m using the Jhelum Lip Lock on my mouth and Dreamcatcher under my eyes. They're basically oils so I just apply a dab and then gently pat them in. So far they haven’t caused any breakouts so I will continue using them. However they do contain essential oils, which could react on sensitive skins. 

Sun protection: It would be extremely foolish to use products that contains retinol and mild peels and not use sunscreen. I’m using Dr Sheth’s Basic Brightening Sunscreen, which is really nice because it sinks right in without a white pallor despite being a mineral sunscreen. As mentioned above, all of Dr Sheths products are clean and cruelty free. 

Dior Dreamskin 1-Minute Mask: Clay and charcoal masks make my skin feel dry, and anything creamy is too oily for this season. This Dior mask is perfect because it barely takes any time and immediately makes my skin look glowing and feel super clean. The results last for one night, but I only use it before an evening out.