Are you over-pampering your skin?

Image: Shutterstock 

Image: Shutterstock 

In an age where layering skincare is de rigueur, and layers of foundation are acceptable as a ‘day look’, we feel like we’re always doing less not more. Now don’t get me wrong - I love a couple of serums and then some, but these days I’m sleeping barefaced almost every night. Monsoon is in full swing and even the tiniest amount of product makes me feel like I’m stifling my pores. 

Many years back I interviewed Dr Ruban Nathan, who is one of Malaysia’s leading dermatologists. We were talking about moisturisers and he said what I feel is relevant even today: That moisturising isn’t always necessary. He said that it was absolutely not required especially if you’re living in a tropical country like Malaysia, where humidity at most times is almost 95%. With so much moisture in the air, why would you need to slap on another face cream or serum? 

The same is relevant in India during monsoon. The air is loading our skins with moisture, especially if you’re living in a city like Mumbai. But I find that many people still slather layer after layer, not skipping moisturiser even for a day. 

Today I read a post about over-moisturising your skin. Is that even possible? Yes, said Pedro Catala, cosmetologist and founder of the green skincare brand Twelve Beauty. In the post he said that one sign of over moisturising your skin is that your face will look shiny with tiny spots coming up on the surface. 

Personally I’ve found that removing all the layers of skincare especially at night makes my face less prone to breakouts. I may use a serum and sunscreen in the day, but at night I find leaving my complexion clean works very well in these months where humidity is at its peak. 

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