Madhu’s kitchen witchery: Magical Wiccan Potions

If you have been reading Madhu’s Kitchen Witchery series, then you would know by now that your thoughts (while cooking) manifest themselves in food. So if you’re cooking with anger, the food will lead to acidity and an upset stomach. But on the other hand, if you’re cooking with love, it will lead to a calm digestive system and nourishment. With that in mind try these cool, summer drinks. Each drink will help you manifest love, harmony and positivity, but you have to visualise the results in order for them to really work. 

Love smoothie
Apple, honey and cinnamon are used in witchery to attract love. You can add milk to attract happiness and abundance. A few almonds to take away negativity. And stir in some raisins to boost physical attraction. Serve it with love to a loved one. 

Disharmony smoothie
Blend berries, yogurt, pumpkin seeds and mint together to bring bestow calmness and harmony in your home. But visualise that harmony while making the smoothie. Serve to all family members.

Evil eye iced tea
Chilled green tea with lemon or lime, a pinch each of cinnamon and green cardamom powder. This is good before an interview or a big exam to remove evil eye. Add some honey to for a good mood. 

Anti-negativity iced tea
To remove negativity use orange flavoured chilled green tea. Add some powdered orange peel, mint, edible camphor and honey. This is great for those days when you’re feeling stressed and overwhelmed. 

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