Laser skin treatments are the new chemical peels

Try getting a basic chemical peel at a dermatologists clinic these days. When I say basic I mean a simple glycolic or lactic acid peel - nothing too intense. I got one many years back and was very pleased with the results. But somehow these days they are discouraged, in fact some clinics even go as far as saying that they don’t believe in peels, and don’t offer the service. Instead they steer you towards laser. I sometimes wonder of they do that because lasers cost more than just a chemical peel, which just involves rubbing a solution all over your face. 

Not that I’m complaining (ok a little bit), but overall, I love lasers. I’ve used them for hair removal, to tighten pores, to reduce breakouts, brighten my complexion. And really, if you’re on the other side of 35, you need a quick zap of laser every now and then to just get the collagen going. 

But while I found laser really good for general brightening, and line reduction, I feel that it is a bit wasted on acne treatments. Acne and breakouts usually happen because of underlying reasons such as hormones, genetics, lifestyle etc. So laser is just a temporary solution. The effects are apparent for only a week or so. Within 10 days acne comes back again and you're back at the dermatologists clinic forking out a huge sum for each and every treatment. So why even bother?

However a good old-fashioned Fraxel laser is quite effective on acne scars. Of course Fraxel is a bit invasive, almost like having a sunburn on your face for a few days. So it requires downtime. But eventually it does help reduce scars. I have seen friends who have done it, and it has really made their skin smoother. There are dermatologists who will tell you that non-invasive lasers work on acne scars, but in my experience those are just mild, temporary effects. If you have deep scars then go for Fraxel or full-face resurfacing. 

Recently I tried the skin rejuvenation laser from Skin Alive in Gurgaon. I’ve just had two sessions till now, but it has really tightened up my pores and reduced the fine lines around my eyes. It’s a basic Nd:Yag laser for toning, tightening and rejuvenating. 

Somehow I believe that if you get lasers regularly, it helps increase the elasticity of your skin. In my experience no face cream can prevent sagging. And I definitely do not want that tightly-pulled back look of a traditional face lift or even a liquid lift with Botox. The other good thing about lasers at Skin Alive is that they also laser your neck. There are come clinics that only laser your face, which always infuriates me a bit, because what’s the point of a tight face and loose neck? 

But anyway, let me not digress. The point I’m trying to make is, if you want to fight the effects of time on your skin as you age, then in addition to skincare, laser is your ally. Don’t use it for acne or breakouts, because you should get to the root cause. But to tone, tighten, lift and clarify, there’s really nothing better than a good laser treatment. 

Lead image: Shutterstock