Your all-natural SPF: Kama Natural Sun Protection

Sunscreens are getting such a bad rap these days. It is now known that some of them have hormone disruptors and potential carcinogens. Oxybenzone (a common ingredient in many chemical sunscreens) has been proved to prevent the growth of baby corals, which means that they’re harmful, not just to us but also our environment. 

The answer lies in wearing mineral sunscreens that provide a physical barrier against the sun. These sunscreens contain minerals such as zinc oxide, which also helps calm skin conditions such as rosacea. I had been ordering a mineral sunscreen online, so I was super excited to know that Kama Ayurveda was launching an all-natural sunscreen.

Kama’s sunscreen contains titanium dioxide and zinc oxide as natural protectors and skin conditioning and hydrating ingredients such as water and triglycerides. The sunscreen itself is extremely moisturising, so much so that the high water and lipid content in this product will make your face perspire a bit. However, you can easily correct that with a touch of powder. Unlike other mineral sunscreens that can be a bit drying, this also works as a moisturiser on the skin. Because it has minerals it gives a faint, white tint, but it quickly disappears within a minute or so. 

The SPF 21 is ideal for everyday usage. I personally never wear anything over an SPF 30. Definitely not SPF 50 because it only provides 2% more protection thanSPF30 but tenfold more toxins. So, I find this sunscreen a great everyday option, which is easy to reapply because it does not dry the skin out at all.