The face oil for oily skin: Chanel Huile De Jasmin

I got this product about a month back and originally I was planning to review it around September, when the weather gets a bit cooler. Then, I had a closer look at the ingredients and thought that perhaps this could even work in the heat. And I was right.

The first four ingredients of this oil are squalane, dicaprylyl carbonate, ethyl hexyl palmitate and camellia seed oil. If you know a little bit about skincare then you would know that squalane (unlike squalene) is great for oily, acne-prone skin. The next two ingredients are solvents and lubricants, which do not clog pores. And lastly, camellia seed oil is dry in nature, which also makes it wonderful for oily skin. That’s not to say that dry skin cannot use this product (of course you can), especially because it does reduce dry patches. However this oil is quite light in texture, which makes it perfect for this heat and for people with oily skin.

I have been using it for over about 10 days now and this has not caused any breakouts. I use it morning and evening over my treatment and hydrating serums, and it does not make my skin feel tacky. There is an overpowering scent of jasmine, but I didn’t mind it. The oil may feel oily for a couple of minutes but it absorbs in fairly quickly. One of my friends also used it and absolutely loved it. She felt like it made her skin look more luminous and healthy.

So yes, this face oil gets a thumbs up from me, and I recommend it especially for people who have oily skin.