Boost metabolism, clear skin and increase radiance with warm water

In my first job as a beauty writer at Cosmopolitan way back in 2002, I noticed my editor (Priya Ramani) would drink copious amounts of hot water. Even in summer. She had the clearest skin and was also super slim (she still is), without making much effort. I often wondered if it had to do with her drinking boiling hot water in the peak summer. Now, many years later, Iā€™m convinced that it was mostly this habit (she was also vegan at that time), which was the reason behind her clear skin.

Most of us love chugging cold, iced water and drinks, especially so with a meal. But, according to ayurveda, this is probably the worst thing you can do for your digestion. Think of a bowl of lentils with desi ghee - add a few chunks of ice to it and what do you have? Congealed fat, which does not get absorbed, but instead clogs your system. So to begin with never, never drink cold water (or for that matter any other chilled beverage) with food. 

Then, get into the habit of drinking at least room temperature water. This will put you in the habit of the next step - drinking warm (or hot) water instead of cold water, all the time. Hot or warm water increases your metabolism, detoxifies you body, and helps promote digestion. This means that just drinking warm water will help you lose weight, clear your skin and make it more glow from within.

Note: Never ever drink warm or hot water in a plastic bottle because it will be carcinogenic (cancer causing). Drink it in a steel or glass bottle.

Lead image: Shutterstock