Big fat lashes with Le Volume De Chanel

So the other day I was walking past the Chanel store and popped in to check out some lipsticks. Then I suddenly remembered about my most favourite mascara, which I have never mentioned on my blog. How on earth could I forget about Chanel Le Volume? I quickly bought the mascara, and fell in love with it all over again. 

There are a lot of volumising mascaras in the market, but this one truly stands out. Of course it fattens your lashes up like nothing else, and two coats almost look like you're wearing falsies. But the great thing is that this mascara does not smudge, never clumps, and somehow the brush doesn't smear that extra bit of product on your lids during application. I don't apply mascara everyday, but ever since I bought this, I find excuses just to wear it. If you're looking for the most perfect mascara, look no further than this one.