Dior Hydra Life will change the way you look at skincare

When I first read about this range in American Vogue, I was hugely excited. Not only because it’s the new skincare range by Dior, but also because it is based around microbes - my new obsession. Allow me to explain. 

Did you know that for every human cell there are 10 microbes, and for every human gene there are about a 100 microbes? This means that we are only between 1 - 10% human. The rest of us is microbiota, bacteria, virus and what have you. Scientists have recently found that genetically we are about 99% similar, but what makes us different in terms of weight, disposition, illnesses is our own particular mix of microbiome cultures. My fellow yoga teacher Danielle once told me about a man called Jasper Lawrence who literally infected himself hookworms to combat allergies and asthma. 

So, how is this related to skincare? 

In the last few decades we have pumped ourselves with antibiotics, slathered our hands with sanitisers, and used skincare that claims to kill 99% of bacteria. In the process, we have lost a lot of our microbiome cultures, which are actually beneficial for our skin and health. Could that be the reason behind rising allergies and reactive skin? 

The benefits of healthy microbiome cultures include the smooth functioning of your gut. Therefore there are many probiotic drinks in the market today. Of course there is probiotic skincare too, but that is only by niche brands.

However, for the first time a big beauty brand like Dior has collaborated with the Human Microbiome Project that has 200 researchers, 250 patents, and has been published in over 350 scientific journals. What this means is that their new Hydra Life range works on rebalancing and preserving the skin’s microbiota, thereby reducing dehydration and redness. Their cleansers do not kill the natural bacteria but help preserve them. Their moisturisers and masks work pretty much on the same theory as well. What’s more, the range is made with 90% natural, non-toxic ingredients and is completely free from parabens, silicones, petrochemicals, and allergens. Most of the packaging is in glass, the inks used are completely natural, and the packaging is free of extra pamphlets and cellophane. WOW on so many levels.

However, I have to say that the range contains fragrance and alcohol, which could irritate sensitive skin. But it didn't irritate my complexion. This line is ideal for younger skins or for people with oily skin because it hydrates without making the face feel oily or sticky. It will not reduce pigmentation, or acne or any such skin concern. It will just provide you great cleansing, pore tightening and moisturising benefits. 

Here’s my full review on the products:

Hydra Life Time to glow - exfoliating powder_Rs2,900.jpg

This is my favourite product out of the entire range. Just a tiny bit of powder needs to be mixed with a little bit of water to wash the face. It has lotus seeds and sugar to gently exfoliate the skin. It didn't feel abrasive at all. After washing my face my skin looked clear and completely poreless - LOVE. 


Honestly this did not make much difference. Perhaps that could be because my complexion is already in relatively good shape. My face just felt really cold, which is a good thing in this weather. However I wouldn’t use the Exfoliating Powder and this together, as this Mask also contains apricot kernels to scrub the skin. Two exfoliators in one day is never a good idea.

I really like this moisturiser. It does what it says. I have been using it morning and evening for the past week. When I wake up in the morning my face feels very soft to touch. And somehow I felt like this and the Exfoliating Powder together made my pores look tighter and skin plumper.