Product of the day: Clinique Flutter-to-Full Mascara

Clinique’s new mascara is making news in beauty circles and for all the right reasons. Flutter-to-Full can be used in two different ways in just the twist of a barrel, which is atop the mascara wand. You can choose neat, ladylike lashes, or full, chunky volume. The best part is that it stays all day, but comes off easily with warm water. But don’t take my word for it. I gave it to my tester, a girl who has tried every luxe mascara in the market. She is very discerning when it comes to quality and knows much more about lash enhancement than I do. Here’s the review in her own words:

“My dear, as you know I’m a mascara addict. Someone once joked that good mascara is better than sex - and I almost agree :). So to tell you the truth I woke up this morning with red eyes for some reason. My eyes were a bit sensitive. But that didn’t stop me from trying Flutter-to-Full Mascara. I tried the first twist of the barrel because I wanted something lighter. It did not irritate my eyes and stayed on the whole day, no smudges! This evening I tried the last twist of the barrel and got beautiful, lush eyelashes. Most important, as I age I don’t want makeup that is heavy to remove - and this came off very easily.”