Decléor Aromessence Neroli Hydrating Night Balm

I love niche beauty brands, and among them Decléor is my absolute favourite. I must confess that I went out hunting for the Aromessence Rose D'Orient Night Balm but sadly there was a very limited stock of products. I'm honestly really tired of people bringing these brands into India and then not offering us the complete portfolio...or at least all the bestsellers. It just shows that no one really researches these brands and treats them solely as a business proposition. I know that everyone has to make money, but really there should be some passion, because the tiniest amount of research would reflect that Rose D'Orient is one of Decléor's highest-rated Aromessence variants. Ok rant over. Now for the review.

Decléor has never let me down, so I settled for the Neroli Night Balm (I didn't really have a choice because that was the only one available). But I'm so glad that I 'settled' for this one because I would never have discovered how wonderful it is. I don't wear moisturiser and this balm seals both my serums into my skin at night. You have to take no more than a pinch of the balm and rub it well between your fingertips to thin it down. While it is waxy and feels oily on the fingertips, once you pat it on it settles down in a few minutes. When you wake up in the morning there's no oiliness at all. This balm has made my skin much softer and definitely more plump and hydrated. I also feel like there's more clarity to my skin after using it, and tightness too. 

My skin is fairly breakout-prone, but this hasn't caused any eruptions, neither has it made my face oily. Perhaps it may not work for very oily skin types, but for everyone else I would highly recommend this as an overnight treatment over your serums, instead of a night cream.