Why are we so obsessed with fruits?

Whenever someone switches over to a healthy diet, the first thing they stock up on is fruit. The latest recommendation according to one study is to eat 10 portions of fruit and veg a day. Fruit and veg. Not just fruit. But somewhere along the way we forget vegetables. I’m not saying don’t eat fruit, all I’m saying that that most us of tend to eat way more than we require. Two fruits or four portions (a small cup is one portion), is enough for the day.

While it is true that fruits do contain a lot of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants etc, they also contain a ton of sugar and carbohydrates. So all of you using your Nutribullet to make full-fruit smoothies? Not such a good idea. In fact those fruit-laden smoothies could be the reason behind your weight gain. And fresh fruit juices? They’re the worst because they contain too many fruits without the fibre, so all you’re drinking is straight sugar which immediately gets absorbed by your bloodstream, giving you a sugar high. Now vegetables on the other hand also contain the same nutrients but without the extra carbs and sugar. I’m also guilty of jumping on the fruit bandwagon - eating as many as 5-7 portions a day. And then I’d wonder why I wasn’t shedding extra pounds despite working out everyday. 

Ever since I reduced my fruit intake to just two a day, I've dropped the extra weight. But it’s not just the weight - too much fruit can also cause bloating and sugar crashes, which gives you that feeling of fatigue. That’s not to say don’t eat fruit, of course you must, in limited portions. But don’t assume that it is a zero calorie food because it isn’t.

Lead image: Shutterstock