Vaishali’s Early Morning Infusions to Balance Your Dosha

We all have chronic health and beauty problems. It could be breakout-prone skin, bad digestion, weight gain, or migraines. And mostly these issues are difficult to resolve with Western medicine that only works to suppress the problem instead of curing it. To reduce these problems its important to look at the ayurvedic doshas in your body. Ideally, we must be a balance of all three doshas - vata (air+ether), pitta (fire+water), and kapha (earth+water). But mostly one of the three doshas is always dominant. If you're pitta dominant then most likely you suffer from chronic migraines, ulcers and skin issues. If your kapha is dominant then you would have problems losing weight and you’d also be prone to colds. And if you're vata  dominant then you probably have digestive, gastric problems and joint pains. 

So is there an easy way to balance our doshas, without restricting our diet or popping a zillion supplements? Dr Vaishali Jain is my healer, she is also a naturopath, who also has the most amazing skin. Vaishali’s knowledge about using plants to boost health is unparalleled. She says that chronic issues can be resolved by starting your day with a superfood to balance your doshas - and  she suggests an infusion for each. However, do keep in mind that you only use a cup or half a cup of water to soak each item. Depending on your dosha, pick one infusion and have it first thing in the morning, then proceed with drinking water, tea etc half an hour later.

  1. Vata: Soak a tsp of ajwain (carom) seeds and half tsp of methi (fenugreek) seeds in a cup of water. Boil the water (maybe add a splash more) in the morning, and drink it as tea.
  2. Pitta: Soak one date in half a cup of water. Eat the date and drink the water as soon as you wake up.
  3. Kapha: Soak five pcs amla (gooseberry) candy in a cup of water. Eat the candy and drink the water in the morning. 

    Lead image: Shutterstock