V Beauty Goes to Irma’s World: Meet Our New Content Partner

Image of Irma in a sari created for V Beauty by Jasmin Khezri  www.irmasworld.com

Image of Irma in a sari created for V Beauty by Jasmin Khezri www.irmasworld.com

Even though there are plenty of people who are interested in luxury, there are a select few who understand it well, and even fewer who know how to work with it. Jasmin Khezri, is one of those people, who not only understands luxury but also does it justice with her beautiful illustrations (exhibited at Isetan in Tokyo and Samaritaine in New York and Paris) and writing. 

Jasmin studied art at Parson’s in Paris and since then has gone on to become one of the youngest award-winning creative directors in Europe. She has worked with magazines including Marie Claire, Jetzt, Elle, and Nippon. Her sense of style is impeccable, and she also knows how to appreciate other women. Here are her beauty and wellness rituals:

What’s beauty for you? 
Beauty is for me a feeling not a sight. When I feel the most beautiful I am most times happy and content with myself, I believe that this shows. When I do not feel beautiful I love to go for walks in nature, most times I feel and look better when I come back home.

What is your skin and hair routine like?
I believe very strongly in cryo (cold) therapy where you cool your body and face to tighten skin, boost the immune system and metabolism. That is why I start my day every morning with an ice-cold shower starting on my legs and going up to the full body and also face, except hair. It only takes three minutes but I feel far awake and my skin is well circulated. If I have enough time I brush my skin with a natural brush from toe to top. 

Afterwards I use Weleda Rose Body Oil (on my body ) and Birken Oil also from Weleda (on my hips and stomach), and massage my body from toes to the top. 

I tone my face with a Clarins toner and use an ampoule by Babor according to my skin situation. Than I use an SPF 50 Sunscreen by SkinCeuticals and a moisturiser by La Mer. After putting on my makeup (Tinted Moisturizer by Laura Mercier ) I always use thermal water to finish my skin care. I use Avène Thermal water several times during the day, whenever I need a glow or wake up spritz. I do not use eye cream - just a light version by Dauphin during the winter months.

At night I cleanse my face, usually with scrubs. I have a very thick skin, so I do not mind the scrubs. Caudalie makes nice ones with different grain strength and also AESOP Purifying Facial Exfoliant Paste is a favourite one. After cleansing I use a toner by the French pharmacy brand Buly, it smells nicely of roses and tones my skin. Twice a week I use a special mask, at the moment its Biotherm Wonder Mud or at the Dior Hydra Life Jelly Sleeping mask.


At night I also like to use face oils, I love the texture and smell and only a few drops make a perfect skin care. At the moment I use Chanel L’Huile de Jasmin. Before going to bed I put raw coconut butter on my feed and elbows (put cotton socks on the first five minutes) and use it also as a lip balm.

My hair needs lots of moisturising as I swim in chlorine water four times a week. I oil my hair the night before twice a week with raw coconut oil and leave it on over night, use a mild shampoo by Kérastase and a matching rich hair mask. I always finish my blow dying with a few drops of Leonor Greyl hair oil and massage it into the hair ends.

Regarding my nails I file them every second day and use a lot of nail and hand cream - Dior Creme d'Abricot for nails and Clarins Hand Cream. Lately I only use a nail oil instead of a lacquer but when I feel like colour I use a bright red by Chanel called 534 Espadrilles. 


I visit my osteopath once a week for my stature and body wellness, and I see a Japanese acupuncturist whenever I feel skin irritation or a cold coming.

What is the best beauty advice that you’ve ever got?
Drink a lot of water and eat most times healthy.

What do you think about Indian women?
They are beautiful and I love the way they use colours as their make up when getting dressed, and how they treat their hair and skin. 

Please name a couple of beautiful women that you were impressed with. 
I have to say that lately I am more impressed with more mature women who look well groomed, healthy and naturally beautiful than young beautiful women. Age shows your true inner beauty. I met Christy Turlington 10 years ago when a friend of mine organised her birthday party in New York. She is a true natural beauty with great posture and skin. Ines de la Fressange is also proof that when you keep your fun and positive attitude you will never lose. And when I see young women wearing no make up at all I admire them beauty for pureness and sensitivity. A young girl only needs some light skin care and no make up at all. 

Irma - the illustrated character created by Jasmin Khezri for  www.irmasworld.com

Irma - the illustrated character created by Jasmin Khezri for www.irmasworld.com

What is the beauty mistake that we all need to stop right now?
Trying to get thin. Embrace and love your body. Good food, regular exercise and yoga will help you with that.

What is your message for India?
Please share more beauty rituals and secrets with us European women, I am sure you have a lot to tell.