4 Floral Fragrances That Are Perfect For Summer

I love summer. I know most people hate it (with temperatures touching a scorching 45 degrees its not surprising). But I prefer the heat because there’s lesser pollution, longer days, and seemingly more time. And while you may find it too hot for makeup, a spritz of perfume is not just welcome but also necessary, to beat the weariness of a hot summer afternoon. This selection of scents from my cabinet will help you blossom despite the heat.

  • Chanel Beige Parfum: This creamy, enveloping white floral is part of Chanel’s Les Exclusifs Collection, available only in select stores around the world. In India, you’ll get it at the Chanel boutique at The Imperial, Delhi. It smells feminine, flowery, powdery with a touch of honey. Despite the sweetness, it’s not even a bit cloying - in fact quite the opposite. With frangipani, woods, and spicy vanilla this is one soft, well-rounded, sophisticated fragrance for summer. 
  • Carthusia Gelsomini di Capri: Oh this is such an unusual jasmine. Actually it’s almost soapy smelling, which is what makes it perfect for the hot weather. This is supposedly one of Carthusia’s heavier fragrances - although personally I find it quite light. As the name suggests it's made with jasmine from Capri, with a bit of lemon, mandarin, rose, vanilla, finished with amber and cashmere wood. Strong, soft, dry and not sweet at all.    
  • Jour d’Hermes Gardenia: If you love, LOVE jasmine and tuberose, then this is the fragrance for you. With notes of gardenia, jasmine, tuberose and rose, this could be a heavy, heady fragrance, but actually its surprisingly light. You could say that it is a leafy, green floral. Overtly floral of course, but still fresh and zesty.
  • Gucci Flora: This floral/chypre perfume is like a tall drink of water. It smells fresh immediately on application and the dry down is warm, floral, and a bit like freshly-cut grass. Its a sparkling fragrance, which contains notes of peony, sandalwood and patchouli, but none of them stand out on their own. It’s ageless, timeless and I’ve always got compliments on how I smell when I’m wearing this one.