NIOD Copper Amino Isolate Serum 1%

If you’ve been reading my blog, you must know about my love for Deciem, who call themselves The Abnormal Beauty Company. Their umbrella of brands include The Ordinary, which is a really simple and effective range packed with active ingredients at low prices. The other one that I’ve tried recently is NIOD, priced higher but packed with even more active ingredients. While I wanted to try the entire bouquet of products from NIOD I tried the Copper Amino Isolate Serum (or CAIS) first.

Copper peptides have been researched in anti ageing skincare since the late ’80s. They have been proved to reduce lines, tighten pores, increase radiance and (unlike retinol) work as anti-inflammatory agents for the skin. This serum is supposed to be for the health of your complexion. You begin with this and then layer other products over it. It contains an amazing tri-peptide complex called GHK-Cu, in 1%, which is a very high concentration. On paper it helps collagen synthesis, thereby plumping and toning the skin. It also contains a hyaluronic acid complex and crosspolymer to deeply hydrate your complexion.

You need to mix the activator into the serum and give the bottle a good shake for 30 seconds. Once mixed it needs to be refrigerated, although now there’s a new version, which doesn't need to be in the fridge. There’s also a super, super potent CAIS in 5%, but you can only use it for three months. Say if you have a wedding coming up or if your skin is in poor condition.

The serum itself is like water. I tilt my head back and apply a drop or two each on my forehead, cheeks, chin, and neck directly. I don't put it on my hands and then apply because that would waste this product. I usually try a product out for a couple of weeks at least. But the CAIS has shown such remarkable results in 7 days that I just had to share my feedback.

While I did get a breakout or two when my skin was adjusting to the product, it was nothing that a smear of manuka oil or a dab of benzoyl peroxide couldn’t remove. In a week there’s visible radiance on my face, my pores have tightened and tiny laugh lines around my mouth have reduced. I use this and my Zelens Power D over it in the day followed by sunscreen. I read somewhere that copper peptides and vitamin C don’t go together. So I use them alternately. One day CAIS and the other day my Obagi 20% vitamin C serum. However, NOID does have a very potent vitamin C product, which you can use over this product at night, but I didn’t want to risk using another brand (Obagi) over it.

But every night I use this and eye cream. Maybe some oil or face balm if I’m feeling dry. I think this is a great serum that really does what it promises. The watery texture means it can be used by even the oiliest skins in muggy weather. I’m so impressed with the results in a week that I can’t wait to see what it will do in a month.

Did I mention that their products are cruelty free?