Kama Ayurveda Organic Hair Colour Kit

My mother is severely allergic to hair colour. Her allergy began many years after she started colouring her greys - her hairline would start itching and she would get coin-sized welts around her face, neck and shoulders. Mum has gorgeous hair. Even at her age - which I can't mention unless I want to get stabbed - her hair is thicker than most women in their 20s. It is her crowing glory, her pride and joy, so to let it go grey was simply not an option. I tried a lot of organic hair colours but to order them in bulk from abroad was quite a cumbersome process. 

Then Kama launched its Organic Hair Colour Kit, which made our lives simpler and her hair look amazing. The kit contains a pack of henna and indigo each. You need to apply the henna first, keep it on for 45 minutes, then repeat the same process with indigo. Yes, it is a long-drawn process but if you want safe, natural colour then you have to make some sacrifice. I know hair colour companies always say that it is safe to colour your hair, but I’m not entirely convinced. Most women I know (who coloured their hair on a whim), quickly went grey. While I have dabbled in highlights every now and then and will continue to do so, I just feel that if there is a safe and natural option, you must go for that instead.  

My mother goes to the salon and gets henna one day and indigo the next day, just because she doesn’t want to sit there for three hours. You can also mix the henna and indigo together but I find that applying them separately gives the best colour, especially if you have a LOT of greys. Leave the henna on for longer if you want your colour to be more burgundy and the indigo longer if you want it a darker brown. My mother has been using this for a couple of years now without any allergies. Of course your hair may get a bit dry but its nothing that a good deep conditioner or hair oil cannot fix. I love this kit because it has zero chemicals, is 100% organic, gives a deep, rich colour, and also adds volume and shine. What more can you ask for?