Anushka Nadia Menon

Anuska Menon has always been a cool girl. Most of us have had dorky moments growing up (me with my helmet-like mushroom cut), but I’ve never seen her looking less than perfect. I first met Anushka when she was 19 and even then she was fiercely independent, with her portfolio of photographs, just starting work as a fashion photographer. Over the years she has evolved into being a sought-after photographer, DJ, aerialist and acrobat (with Natya Nectar), and and a complete health nut. Here’s her fitness diary. 

How do you begin your day?
A glass of water, followed by coffee, morning meditation/prayer then three 20-minute workouts which are a mix of yoga to wake up the body, abs to keep my stomach and back strong and lastly a booty workout for my very small glutes to have some shape :). 

What do you eat for breakfast/lunch/dinner?
Breakfast usually is fresh berries, low fat vanilla yogurt mixed with granola and then a fresh juice. Lunch is usually a heavy salad with veggies and fruit followed by a protein shake. Dinner is either chicken or fish, veggies and bread/roti/pasta. 

How much water do you drink in a day?
Thanks for reminding me! Gonna drink a glass now :). 
I try to drink as much as I can, I'm not very conscious about this to be honest.

What about snacks?
I love snacking, healthy of course except for the occasional popcorn.

Do you have a special green juice/ smoothie recipe to share with us?
Kale Pina Covado: 
        2/3 cup unsweetened vanilla almond milk
        2 large handfuls kale (the leaves of about 8 stalks)
        1/3 cup pineapple chunks
        1/2 ripe avocado
        1 scoop protein powder
        1 cup ice cubes

What is your favourite kind of workout?
mix of yoga and cardio, body weight training and strengthening. 

Are you an early to bed kind of person?
Most days yes! By 10.30pm I start to fade. I'm up usually up at 7.30am. 

Do you take supplements? If yes, which ones?
Protein shake, multivitamins, spirulina and wheat grass.

What would be your advice to someone who wants to lose weight?
Your diet is the most important part of losing weight along with the right exercise. 
A good mix of cardio and toning is essential.
Keep a nice balance with your workout. 
Try new things so you don't get bored easily. 
Eat smaller meals in a day but at least five that are healthy and yummy so you don't feel like you’re a rabbit. 
Stick to lean protein and cut out all the bad stuff including alcohol and sugar!

Do you have any tips on confidence?
If you don’t feel confident about something, then you need to work on it till you do! Everyone has insecurities/low self esteem including myself, but I try to work on each one of them till I am satisfied! 

How do you deal with fear?
I face it head on! I concentrate on it, meditate on it and build my confidence to face it and overcome it. Its all about the mind! 

Anything else about your routine that you’d like us to know?
I try to do as many outdoors activities as I can, like hiking, running, swimming to keep my body strong. I have a morning and night routine for cleansing my face and I always use a scrub when I bathe :).