Mitaji's Guide to Fillers

I’ve spoken many times about being surrounded by beauty-obsessed women. There is only so much I can write about the subject, and these women ensure that I’m always in the know about the latest ingredient, product and procedure. 

Now allow me introduce Ms Mita Sanyal, aka Mitaji, a glamazon in her 50s, who knows everything about procedures, be it the newest injectable to get rid of a double chin, stem cell needling, or the latest face lift that leaves no scars. I love her for being unabashedly interested in plastic surgery. While others may talk about loving your own unique features, Mitaji will just suggest a chin implant. She treats grittiest surroundings as the Imperial Tea Room, asking the porter in Shatabdi Express for ‘chai please’, while chatting on the phone with Ahmed, her mink man (yes M.I.N.K man).    

I was actually quite surprised when she told me that she gets fillers. I’ve always been proud of being able to spot a ‘job’ a mile away, but Mitaji looks beautiful, and naturally so. This is why I asked for her tips on injectables. They are so simple and relevant, especially if you’re getting them for the very first time. Read her advice, in her own words: 

  • In my experience choosing the doctor is critical as this will determine the quality of your filler. Nasolabial folds don't require that much skill but under the eye requires a lot of dexterity. I have a dent under my eye where too much filler was put in. Ask your GP where you can get a filler - they usually know people who are good with needles.
  • Check credentials of the doctor on If you can’t find a doctor on this website, ask people who look unnaturally good for their age for a reference, which is what I did. Don’t get your filler done at a random skin spa. It really should be at a proper dermatological clinic.
  • I only do Restylane and Juvederm fillers, because it makes the melasma under my eyes less glaring. They last for four to six months. 
  • When you come home you can expect swelling and bruising depending on your constitution. If your doctor is skilled and you happen to be fortunate you may have nothing. Just ice the area and the bruising will go away in three to four days. 
  • Nowadays you can get fillers with numbing agents within them so you don't have to apply Prilox (numbing cream) an hour beforehand. Ask your doctor for these new fillers.
  • Make sure you take proper before and after photos on YOUR phone so you can enlarge and compare the image every time you get a filler. Also, if you have to go to a different doctor you can show photos. 
  • People just blindly go for injectables without doing any homework. Do your homework about what filler will suit you best on
  • Beware of the doctor who does not give the serial number ofthe vial to you. I just like to have a vial number because I’m a public health specialist. If there is a bad reaction where will I go? I know in India we can’t do much but still its good for quality control. When you take the serial number you know that the product in the vial is legit. In America my doctor will break the seal in front of me.