The Indian Nettle Tea

I have been obsessed with nettle tea ever since Calgary Avasino (the former beauty director of British Vogue) mentioned that she begins her day with it. So for the last decade or so I have been drinking a cup everyday. When I drink nettle tea, my skin looks clearer and calmer (it is a blood purifier among other things), so you could say its sort of an SOS for when my complexion is not at its best. While I used to choose brands like Pukka or Clipper, I was so happy when I saw the Manjari range of teas at the lovely little shop next to Gunpowder in Goa. Manjari has not one but three types of nettle teas - Allergytea with nettle, green tea and lemongrass; Immunitea with nettle, bay leaves, lemongrass and green tea; and a simple nettle and green tea infusion. The wonderful part is that they use wild Himalayan nettle, which, in my opinion is bound to be more potent than other varieties. 

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