Madhu's Kitchen Witchery: Confidence

A huge part of looking good comes from feeling good. You may be the most beautiful woman in the world, but if you don’t have confidence, it all falls flat. Madhu, the white witch, is back to give you tips on feeling grounded and in control. Here are her recommendations:

  • Low confidence is a sign of an underperforming root chakra. Pranayama is the best practice to activate the muladhara or root chakra. People who do pranayama will never face confidence problems, because their aura (the etheric layer around the body, which protects against negativity) becomes very strong. To do: Inhale deeply till you can feel the breath in your groin. Hold it there till as long as it is comfortable and then exhale slowly. 
  • Any red coloured fruit or vegetable that grows underground is good for the root chakra. For instance beetroot. But while you’re preparing the beetroot put some emotional magic into it. Imagine that the person consuming beetroot will be full of confidence. 
  • You can also steep kalonji (nigella seeds) in cold pressed mustard oil for few days and drink a tsp everyday. Just remember that the intention to become more confident must be present when you steep and eat the seeds.
  • Use onion and garlic, which give you a layer of protection so your aura doesn't become weak.
  • Eating red meat once a week gives you grounding and strength. But it’s good only for people who don't have the guilt of eating non-vegetarian food. 
  • You can also add a few drops of eucalyptus oil in your bath water with the intention of increasing confidence.
  • Here’s a mental exercise: Stop telling yourself that you're not capable of doing something. Repeat this affirmation over and over again in your free time:
    I am the child of light and I receive the light sent for me. All positive things are happening to me. 
  • Eat locally grown produce because the further your food comes from, the lesser energy it will have.

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