Masaba Gupta

Fashion designer, Bollywood royalty, social media princess, the girl with an open heart - there is no single way you can define Masaba Gupta. I love her because she never masks her true feelings, never hides her struggles, and is real in an industry that can be a bit fake. Read her answers on beauty, products, confidence, and the fact that she doesn't wear sunscreen (!!!).

Define beauty? 
For me its definitely about being a good person and thinking positive. I believe people who are nasty have ugly exteriors and it's the truth. And you must say good things, be a good person and surround yourself with love everyday instead of products. 

What is the biggest beauty mistake that women make?
Too much concealer and not brushing off loose powder from the under eye. Oh! And overdoing lip liner.

Give us a makeup trick that you discovered on the job. 
Bronzer makes better blush than blush. Spraying on some Caudalie Beauty Elixir post makeup makes you glow!

What is your skin routine like?
It’s very basic because I have sensitive skin. But, use aloe vera gel post my workout, then Cetaphil face wash, followed by Cetaphil moisturiser. On my lips I pat on some Uriage Lip Balm and Clarins Lip Comfort Oil and I'm good to go!

How do you keep that curly hair looking good? 
Its quite a disaster to be honest because it gets dry and tangled within hours. But I do protein masks twice a month and oil my hair once every two weeks. Also every four months I do this olive oil relaxer for black hair - it opens the knots and moisturises like crazy! But I don’t use any product on a daily basis. Also, Kerastase is great for curly hair, and believe it or not I use Garnier conditioner.

Suggest five beauty essentials.
Face mist (Evian or Caudalie)
Medicated lip balm (Uriage or Bioderma)
Bronzer (Bobbi Brown or NARS)
Anti shine spray (Kiehl’s Men’s Oil Eliminator Spray)
A good, healthy heart.

What about diet and exercise? 
It's the root of everything. My skin looks very different on days I sweat from when I don't. And what you eat is what's on your face. But more important than that is sleep!

What is the best beauty advice that you’ve ever got? 
To workout and eat a lot of veggies. Plus, wear sunscreen, which I don't do because I find it so heavy on the skin.

Any tips on confidence? 
Its not easy. At all. But its like brushing your teeth everyday, or having a bath. You just HAVE to do it. You just have to be confident and practice it each day in every aspect of your life, with everyone you meet, and before you know, it becomes second nature.

What’s the one thing that you want to change in beauty? 
That you need to be fair to be pretty. One day I'll start a beauty line for dark girls. And I’ll take on every fairness cream giant in India, even if I fail.

Last words of wisdom?
Invest in good things and good people as much as you would in a gym or skin doctor - they’re the best anti-ageing cream. And eat everything (in moderation) or you just look hungry and sad and cranky.