Is this the best acne remedy, ever?

I first discovered manuka oil in Berlin at an organic store called Breathe - Fresh. At that time my skin was going though a sensitive phase after going overboard with retinol (more on that in another post). The founder at the store completely changed my life by introducing me to this miraculous oil. He allowed me to only buy a face wash and then sent me down to the metro station to pick up this wonderful oil at a store called Vitalia. I was to mix a drop of this oil into my face wash at night and then splash my face seven times with hot (but not scalding) water. And go to sleep with nothing else on. Buh-bye overnight serums, anti-wrinkle cream and retinol. Within a week of this the red patches dried up and scaled of leaving behind clear, unmarked skin.

Less than a year later, and I’m again turning to this wonderful oil. My skin is going though a patch of hormonal acne because of new medication. If any of you has had hormonal acne then you know that it’s the most difficult to get rid of. The breakouts take days to fully come up and when they do they take days to disappear. I tried laser but even though they would dry up for a moment, within a week a new batch would come up. Then I remembered manuka oil. I had something coming up between my brows (talk about the worst, most obvious spot), and I massaged a drop of this oil into it. The next morning it was much, much smaller and the day after it had disappeare

To the uninitiated, manuka oil comes from the flowering plant, which the bees feast on to produce the wonderful, medicinal and healing manuka honey. It is supposed to be 33 times stronger than tea tree oil and is anti-bacterial, anti-viral and anti-fungal. This means that this oil doesn’t just work on acne, but also on rashes, hives and fungal infections on the nails (gross but true!). Now that my breakouts have almost gone, I spray my face with rose water and then massage in a drop all over to prevent new spots from coming up.

It is said that the New Zealand East Cape manuka oil is most powerful. So I’m ordering a couple of bottles from Amazon to ensure that I never run out.


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