Pigmentation Around the Mouth

The correct term for it is perioral dermatitis as told to me by Mumbai-based celebrity dermatologist Dr Jaishree Sharad. She says that there could be many causes for this condition ranging from an allergy to lipsticks, certain types of toothpaste, mint, cardamom or cloves (that we all chew on regularly), silver foil on sweets, threading, waxing, or even the habit of licking your lips often. Start by using lipsticks that are known to be natural and paraben free. A brand that I love is ILIA (www.iliabeauty.com). Dr Sharad also warns against using dark matte lipsticks, which can make the pigmentation worse. You can also switch to an old fashioned white Colgate instead of using a coloured gel or extra-strong toothpaste. And for hair removal, instead of waxing and threading, go for laser hair removal. She recommends Diode, ND:Yag or Alexandrite lasers as best for Indian skin. Just make sure you’re doing this under the supervision of a dermatologist. To reduce the pigmentation use a vitamin C and Kojic Acid-based cream - Dr Sharad’s suggests Kojivit and Kojiglow. I’m a big fan of vitamin C serums as they’re such a handy ally against pigmentation. Some of my favourite C serums (other than Drunk Elephant) are Skinceuticals C+E Ferulic and Obagi 20% Professional C Serum. You can order both on www.strawberrynet.in. If these tips don’t work to clarify your skin, consult your dermatologist to get a peel or a clarifying laser.

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