Lipstick Ring Around the Mouth

I love dark lipstick but I know many women don’t wear deeper shades because they’re afraid of an an unsightly ring around the mouth, especially after a meal. Of course, you can always wear a long-lasting lipstick but I find that it feels heavy, it flakes and settles into lines. So the first step to avoid a ring around the mouth is to wear the lipstick in the correct manner.  That said, a good quality lipstick will wear off uniformly even if you apply one coat, but if this is a regular problem with you, try this method: Apply one coat, rub it in with your finger and then blot, followed by two more coats rubbed in with your finger and then blotted. What this will do is firstly, give your mouth the most beautiful petal-like colour, and secondly, make it stick. 

Then, when you've had a meal or a drink all you have to do is just rub your lips together so the colour from the outer periphery comes to the centre. If you want to be doubly sure that you don't have a ring around the mouth, just pat some lipstick on your forefinger and then rub it in the centre of your mouth like a lip balm - ces’t tout!

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