The Ultimate Dry Skin Concoction

There’s something about massaging a pure, luxuriant oil into your face with love that adds a special sparkle to the skin. While earlier I used pure apricot oil for a massage (which by itself is also pretty good), I’ve now found my holy grail combination. Anuska, my yoga teacher brought me some home-made St John’s Wort Oil from Montenegro. Her mother basically picked St John’s Wort flowers that were growing wild in the garden and stewed it in extra virgin olive oil that was crafted in the neighbouring farm. Can’t get purer than that right? 

While the oil smells a bit like achar, it works wonderfully to heal and calm the skin. In Europe this oil is used to treat cuts, wounds, burns and acne. When I massage my face with it before a party, everyone asks me what I’ve done to my skin. Now add to that Ren’s Rose O12 Moisture Defence Oil, which is a combination of 12 oils including sea buckthorn and rose hip seed and you have a match made in heaven. While you can use St John’s Wort oil on its own, when used in combination with the Ren oil, it helps plump the skin, remove dryness, and add (even more) radiance. I mix a pea-sized drop of each and massage it in round, upwards-and-outwards strokes all over my face and neck. It’s helped keep my skin moist and glowing all winter.  

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