How to heal a popped pimple


I guess it’s the changing weather or a holiday where I was lazy about skincare, but for some reason my skin has been breaking out recently. Now there are people who let a breakout run it’s course, but I’m not one of those people. I touch, and play, and try to pop the damn thing till it becomes as big as Mount Everest. But even then I don’t stop. The satisfaction that I get from popping is so addictive that I don’t rest till everything is out. Then all I’m left with is raw, red spot, that has the potential to leave behind an unsightly scar. Anyhow, I’d like to say that we learn from our mistakes but this is one thing that I never learn. So, I have a bunch of products that help me heal the bloody spot, take away its redness, and also help fade the mark sooner. Here are the products that I swear by once I’ve demolished a zit:

  • Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair
    I always have a tiny bottle of this stuff with me all the time. It became popular because beauty editors around the world swore that it made you look 10 years younger. Yes, this is a fantastic serum to soothe lines, brighten skin etc, but I find it extremely useful for scrapes, cuts and popped pimples. I just apply layer after layer of this serum over the tortured spot and in a couple of day the entire thing peels off, leaving behind just a slight shadow of a spot.
  • Zelens Power D
    Words cannot express how amazing this serum is, in terms of healing and repairing the skin. I’ve already finished a bottle (the one the above photo is empty) and now I’m ordering a second one. I had suggested this to a friend who’s skin was dry, pigmented (almost burnt looking), with large pores and a rough texture. This product healed and repaired her skin within a month and after two months her skin was looking plump and radiant. This also works beautifully on popped pimples because it speeds up the recovery time. Just apply it morning and night over the damaged zit and you’ll find that it will dry up and peel it off in a couple of days. It’s just magic.
  • Pure immortelle oil
    This stuff is so rare and so precious. My yoga teacher Anuska got me 5ml of pure immortelle oil from her friend in Bosnia, who distills this oil for cosmetic companies. L’Occitane has a whole collection based on this oil, but I don’t know how good that is. What I do know is that if you can get your hands on pure immortelle oil from a perfumer, pharmacist or cosmetologist then pleasedon’t let it go. This stuff is very strong so the tiniest dab works very well to shrink new zits, or heal popped pimples. You can even keep rubbing the tiniest dab of this oil into the spot to fade the mark quickly. I have been using it on the heinous spot for less than a week and its miraculous how quickly it’s fading.